Saturday, July 13, 2013

BionicOpter, Dragonfly Robot

Last year, I posted about Gokiraji, the Roboroach from Japan. Now, there is BionicOpter, the dragonfly robot. This robot is from Festo, a german company based in Esslingen am Neckar, Baden-Wurtemberg. This BionicOpter is also an example of Biomorphic Robotic, a branch of robotics mimicking biological system, for example animals.

The BionicOpter video from Festo can be seen here in Youtube.

The robot can fly with 4 wings, like a dragonfly. It can maneuver in all direction or hover on the same position or glide without beating its wings, as Festo said.

Bremen, 13 Juli 2013


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gokiraji, Roboroach

"Gokiraji" is a combination of "Gokiburi" (cockroaches) and "Rajikon" (remote-controlled). This is Gokiraji, the Japanese electronic cockroach which can be charged with USB.

The price is about 21 US dollars.

In robotic, there are two research fields which related to animal and robotics. First, biomorphic robotic is a sub-discipline of robotic, focused on emulating the mechanics, sensor systems, and computing system to mimic the behaviour of animals (wiki). The other is animatronic, which is the use of mechatronic to animate rather than robotic (wiki: en,de). Jurassic Park, the movies, are example of the usage of animatronics.

Nürnberg, 13 Mei 2012


Monday, February 6, 2012

Quadrotor Dance, Pennsylvanian style

Watch dancing nano quadrotors from GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania!
It is an example of swarm robotics. 

GRASP is General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception. The researchs in this lab focus on robotics.




Friday, December 30, 2011

Robot Generator

Today, I found an interesting link to a website how to generate robot picture.

This robot generator is developed by young japanese with a nickname Rarapima (profil,plurk,twitter). The webservice generate robot from names. For example, if I put my name "Ignatius Sapto Condro", a picture of humanoid robot will be generated. This service is case sensitive, so you can have fun with writing combinations of your names.

Some examples:

  • "Indar Sugiarto", see here
  • "Ignatius Sapto Condro", see here
  • "Atmawan Bisawarna", see here
  • "iscab saptocondro", see here
  • "Mova Al Afghani", see here or here
  • "Mohadig Widha Rousstia", see here
  • "Eka Suwartadi", see here
  • "Ulfah Siregar", see here
  • "Vita Amanda Putri", see here
  • "Florentin Olivia", see here
  • "Teuku Reiza Yuanda", see here

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grup Robot Indonesia

Grup Robot Indonesia

Indonesian Robotic Developer Community


I received a Facebook link from a friend which took me to this community website. This robotic developer community is new on the internet. Their web posts began in this December. It is a good news  for me that there is an Indonesia robotic community who shows up right now. I hope they will last long.


Baru saja kuterima tautan Facebook dari seorang kawan yang membawaku ke laman web paguyuban ini. Grup robotik ini baru muncul di internet bulan Desember ini. Berita bagus buatku kalau ada komunitas robotika Indonesia yang tampil. Semoga umur mereka panjang.


Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012!

Selamat Natal 2011 dan Tahun Baru 2012!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Geminoid Robot Expression

Robots nowadays can mimic human face expression. Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro from the Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratory in the Osaka University has designed a copy of himself and a smiling female android. Both robots have human-like face expression. It is quite a breakthrough in humanoid robots. He made many robots to copy human so he calls the robots "Geminoid" which comes from "Gemini" or twin.

Making humanoid robot to be more and more like human is a long journey. So IEEE Spectrum has a photo gallery of "Ode to the Uncanny Valley".


Ishiguro & The Geminoid


The smiling female android


The geminoid robots are also good experimental subjects in cognitive research or neuroscience. I will made another post about the cognitive research on my other blog.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

AR Drone: Augmented Reality Flying Robot

AR Drone is a flying robot which has 4 propellers, two cameras and can be controlled with device with WiFi, for example iPhone.

This drone use two cameras to know its position and then to build Augmented Reality. The drone is robust against the wind. It can transform its surrounding into augmented reality for iPhone.

It is said that the AR Drone is future of AR gaming industry.



More about the Drone can be seen from IEEE Spectrum article.