Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The way robot play music in 2009

I read two articles from IEEE Spectrum. One is from John Boyd about robot which can play music. The robot play flute. The other is the videos of the robot. The robot is from Takanishi Laboratory in Waseda University, Japan.


The robot learns music from human.


The robot plays music.


It is a wonderful breakthrough in machine intelligence.

To make an orchestra, a person should cooperate with others. I hope research in machine intelligence and swarm intelligence can make a better performance the next 10-20 years.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Church and Robotic

After I googled a little bit, I found some "churches" related to robot or Robotics.

Well, my blog is supposed to talk more about "Robotics" than "church".

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Robots are still not smart enough to open a door

For Homo Sapiens (yes, that's us, human), it is easy to open a door. But for humanoid robot, opening a door is difficult. The robot should balance itself on two feet and give enough swing (or energy) to open a door. Swinging means unbalance position. Then a robot should be back into stable or balance position, which calles standing.

IEEE Spectrum published an article about how a humanoid robot opens a door.

Hello, Roboticist

Hello, Roboticist!

This is another blog of mine. This blog will be about robots and robotics.

My experience with Robotics is just in study. I was Bachelor student in Electrical Engineering at the "Institut Teknologi Bandung" (ITB) in Bandung, Indonesia. My specialty is Control Engineering. The control engineering student learned (the basic of) Robotics: Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics.

I am now master student in Information and Automation Engineering at the University of Bremen. There is a course about robotics: Robotics I and Robotics II. The first part is about kinematics, control, motion planning and trajectory planning. The second part is about visually guided robot: image processing, feature extraction, classification, image geometry, visual servoing, stereo camera and so on.

I made this blog in order to put something interesting about robotics. I pick name "The Church of Robotics" so that I can get followers, hahaha. Actually the name was chosen because I have to make something different with other robotics blogs and websites. It happened that the name crossed into my mind. I hope with that name, I can be on the first page of Google Search.

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