Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello, Roboticist

Hello, Roboticist!

This is another blog of mine. This blog will be about robots and robotics.

My experience with Robotics is just in study. I was Bachelor student in Electrical Engineering at the "Institut Teknologi Bandung" (ITB) in Bandung, Indonesia. My specialty is Control Engineering. The control engineering student learned (the basic of) Robotics: Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics.

I am now master student in Information and Automation Engineering at the University of Bremen. There is a course about robotics: Robotics I and Robotics II. The first part is about kinematics, control, motion planning and trajectory planning. The second part is about visually guided robot: image processing, feature extraction, classification, image geometry, visual servoing, stereo camera and so on.

I made this blog in order to put something interesting about robotics. I pick name "The Church of Robotics" so that I can get followers, hahaha. Actually the name was chosen because I have to make something different with other robotics blogs and websites. It happened that the name crossed into my mind. I hope with that name, I can be on the first page of Google Search.

Enjoy reading this blog!

You can also visit my other blog about Brain Robot: Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), EEG, brainwave, MRI, and so on.


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